BeatBlasters III is a platformer, puzzle and rhythm game all wrapped into one.

Play as Joey or Gina and defeat the tyrannical butcher prohibiting music in Accapella City. Use their powers to help the denizens of the land on their adventure back to the city.

The BeatBlaster

Use the various BeatBlasters to defeat enemies and take on bosses.

The Shield

Use the shield to defend allies and send back projectile to enemies.

The Jet Boots

Use the jet boots to reach higher grounds and to move around the map faster.

Follow the beat

Enter the recharge mode and hit the buttons on the beat to refill your powers' energy. The better you are the more energy you get!

Award Winning Soundtrack

Create some great electro beats as you play the game. Every level is different for both characters!

BeatBlasters III is copyright 2014 of Chainsawesome Games